Subdivision & HOA

Our Subdivision and H.O.A. program was designed for the community tired of having multiple trash companies on multiple pick up days. With the reduction of multiple trash companies on multiple days your subdivision's streets are safer and have less wear and tear. Also by reducing trash days you improve the aesthetics of your subdivision - all of which help in maintaining and increasing property value. It is often difficult to get all residents to switch to one waste company, so we have made our programs attractive to all residents. Below is a description of our programs, services and a summary of what we feel sets us apart from all other trash haulers.

Monthly Rates:

Our monthly rates are based on your needs. We have several factors to consider; the main being which disposal site will be used. Our monthly rates include:

  • Recycling Service
  • Waste removal at all common areas
  • Additional residential carts are available

Yard Waste:

  • Service is available year round
  • We accept yard waste in brown paper yard waste bags: grass and leaves only
    • ***no dirt or sand
  • We accept limbs and twigs tied together in bundles
    • ***Limbs can be no longer than four feet and diameter no larger than four inches

Communication through email:

One of the most effective ways of communication is achieved between our customers and ourselves is through email. We send out holiday schedules, seasonal information and other newsworthy facts to our customers while they send us their comments, concerns, and words of encouragement. We believe in having our customers' email addresses for the sole purpose of passing on vital information regarding waste removal service. We will never sell email addresses to any outside parties.


Our website, is a source that our customers may go for information about new programs and incentives and to make bill payment. We are very pleased with the website's effectiveness and with the response our customers have given it.


Billing is done quarterly with payment being due by the first day of service. In addition to receiving a paper bill via the U.S. post office we offer the option of receiving and E-bill. If we are able to bill the H.O.A. directly, additional discounts will be given.


Payment can be made by check, cash or credit card. We are able to process Visa, Mastercard or Discover payments over the phone, or through the 'Payments' section of our website. We do not charge additional fees for paying via phone or credit card.

Customer Service:

Our customer service department is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Our phones are always answered by a customer service representative. We never use a phone directory service during business hours. Also, if at any time customers wish to speak to an owner, one of us is always available.